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Call Ron & No One Else

I have used Ron Ecker for countless things over the years. Ranging from D.W.L.S & my DL being revoked for 5yrs! Plus a few much more serious offenses. All of witch he won! I literally went from a revoked license to driving again in weeks! When it all went downhill fast when I first met him. I was unsure how I was going to handle everything. Then I retained Ron Ecker! After meeting with him & his welcoming staff. I was overwhelmed with the peace of mind knowing my fate was now in the hands of a Titan in the courtroom! Watching him work is truly amazing and a sight to be seen! He kept me informed with options the whole time & was always available when I needed him! When all the other people I know dealing with similar stuff were unable to even speak with their lawyer until their actual court date! I just send a simple message and he responds within that day! Usually within hours!!

I have been telling everyone for years, If you are worried. Call Ron & no one else!! And those of my friends that did decide to use him have all had similar experiences! You will 100% get what you pay for with Ron! And I will recommend him to anyone that needs proper and knowledgeable representation!

Jason H.

I Would Highly Recommend

My experience with Mr. Ecker was beyond amazing! He was recommended to me from a previous employer. He was upfront as far as the details within my DUI case which I had never expected to be able to beat. Almost 3 years after the incident my charge was dismissed. He handled everything while being very honest and upfront with me. At any given time, whether it was an evening or weekend he always immediately responded to my text messages to ease my mind or answer any questions I had. When it was our time in court he was aggressive and knowledgable and in the end won our case. I hope to never have to use him again but I would highly recommend him to anyone!!!



Ron was great. Highly recommended.

Al B.

A Great Lawyer

Part of my plea agreement specifically said no early termination. Ron used his expertise to get around this term of my deal and got me off probation 2 years early. I couldn't say enough about Ron and his work. He is truly a great lawyer and I would highly recommend him.


Produces Positive Results

Wow! Who would think you'd get choked up writing a review... Ron is a great guy.. I was referred to Ron around 8 years ago.. when I heard his name I remembered contacting a pool job for him.. looking back! Working for Ron and his family was a problemless easy going experience.. with that said.. Having Ron work for my family/friends/acquaintances and myself.. the results were the same.. Although! I'd honestly describe the results as "LIFE SAVING"!.. I personally trust Ron with my life along with anyone I refer to Ron.. one early morning I received a call from a close friend.. my friend told me a crazy story and said I need your lawyer.. he was facing a murder charge. When the detectives knocked on his door.. he handed the phone to the detectives with Ron on the other end.. after hanging up my friend was able to leave the scene and was called later to appear at the station with Ron.. all said in done he walked away with probation.. my cousins house got raided and he was facing 8 OxyContin controlled buys. Ron went to his first appearance and got him bail.. all said and done my cousin got 5 years of probation.. 3-4 years into probation he violated.. Ron fixed the issue free of charge.. I could go on in on, but there's not enough space.. as for me.. I'm still here... everyone I've referred are still here... with that said.. don't make a mistake trusting any other lawyer with your life.. Ron Ecker produces positive results.. THANK YOU!

John K.

Good Work Ethic

Professionals with good work ethic

Carissa G.

One of The Best

Excellent Criminal Defense Attorney -- Easily one of the best in Brevard County!

Alec P.

Kept Me Well Informed

Attorney Ecker did a excellent job on my DUI case. He kept me well informed throughout the process and responded quickly & thoroughly to my requests and questions. Ultimately his efforts resulted in a reduced charge which saved my career. Attorney Ecker was highly recommended to me by another attorney in the area that I had researched. He was right!

Rob S.

He Does a Lot of Work Behind the Scene

I've been in trouble a lot in my life never had I had an attorney better than Mr Ecker. When I think about him I think of a pitbull. He always seemed to be prepared and was always one step ahead of the Court and also one step ahead of me. He does a lot of work behind the scene. I can't say enough about him. And one thing I could say when you think he's not doing something because you haven't heard anything he's working on it. You know that saying leave it in God's hands leave it and Ron Eckers hands.

Irving S.